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My acicis at 83%. I run at 1.170 volts and temps hits about 80 to 85. Thought 7970 starts to throttle in the 80s I thought.
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Originally Posted by Stay Puft View Post

I'd be peeved if i bought a lightning and it couldnt do 1300

Most of the 7970 Lightnings - at least the initial run (I'm not sure about the Boosted Edition) - would not do 1300. They were no more likely to do 1300 than any other card.

If you get 1200 MHz+ with 1.2-1.25V out of your cards, you should be satisfied. You're not going to notice the performance difference in game between a pair of 1200 MHz and a pair of 1300 MHz 7970s anyways.

Both my Lightnings, when I had them, did 1200/1800 at 1.22 vcore and 1.63 vram, and their ASIC scores were 55% and 62%. They could pass 3Dmark runs at 1270/1950 on 1.25vcore and 1.66vram, but that was not game stable. I believe they are binned for LN2, not air.

My top card ran at 85-88C in demanding games all the time (bottom card would run 78-82C) - I wouldn't worry about temps unless you are seeing 90C+ on your top card. Just make sure you use a custom fan profile to balance temps/noise to your liking (I personally couldn't stand the noise the cards made over about 65-70% fan speed).

Make sure you have ULPS disabled while you are overclocking, and make sure you try overclocking on both BIOSes - it usually won't make a difference if you use stock or the LN2 BIOS, but it's worth a shot.
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Trying to find that sweet medium when my lightning boost edition comes in from a exchange ems from Msi. Trying to have both cards run at the same clock speed. One card will be boost edition while other is not. In valley I have no issues running at 1150 core and 1500 memory about 1.131 volts for gpu and 1653 on memory. Driver keeps crashing once I launch battlefield 4.
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