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Hi, My first post on this forum smile.gif
Sorry in advance for my English.

I have problem with PC I assembled from my old components.

Its: Q6600 (G0) on GA-X38-DS5, 4gb RAM and Galaxy GTX 460 1gb.

I had that system working about 1,5 year ago. (first i replaced Motherboard, then graphics card and i basically have new PC).
Recently i bought new power supply (Corsair CX600m) to make old system work.

At first after I installed windows and some games I realized that its not as efficient as i remembered. I checked it on 3dmark 11 and the score was very low- P2616 (physics score was over 4k, the graphics score was over 2k) . I tried new (and old) drivers, reset my motherboard (CPU was OC), reinstall windows and even BIOS update- Nothing.

I was thinking that maybe its new Power supply's fault. I attached it to my other PC and it worked fine (same score as on the old supply). Than i plugged graphics card (that GTX 460) to another PC. Without OC the score was over ~4000 (i don't remember precisely but was good enough).

At this point I don't know what try next. let me know what exact info You need.

Please Help,
Kamil. smile.gif
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