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Planned total, listed bellow:

Motorola NVG510 Gateway (link)
ATT Microcell (link)
pf_Sense Box with 3x NIC, with monitor output for live monitoring firewall/AJAX
TP Link N600 Dualband router TL-WDR3500 (link)
TP Link gigabit TL-SG108 switch (link)
My System "Lite Gamer/Media server "Windows7 Pro with WMC" NIC
XBox NIC "Media playback"
Nexus7 tablet wifi (also used for a remote)
Two, Android phones wifi
Wife's system "Office" NIC
2, Notebooks wifi
2nd Tablet "large" wifi

First off, whats the simplest/reliable way to bypass the ATT Gateway, and use the pfSense box as the router, and the TP Link router as a AP?

This is just in the planning stage, and needing to do my homework before hand. I havent built the pfSense_Box or bought the wireless router, switch yet.