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I like my OCZ ZT 750. Full modular, 4x 6+2 PCIe connectors, 2x 4+4 CPU connectors. The only problem is that they used a high speed Yate Loon fan that hits ~3000RPM (LOUD). I love it though.


$109 minus 10% right now.

If noise is a concern, I've seen fan mods where the YL was replaced with a Gentle Typhoon or other quieter fan.
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Originally Posted by qwan456 View Post

If modularity isn't a concern and would take advantage of the MIR, the Kingwin Absolute Platinum 550w is on sale for $86 after MIR or $106 shipped. Like its LZP variant, it can also function as a 650w gold unit. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817121094

It's good but no reason to buy it when the Rosewill Capstone 650-M is on sale for $75 after $15 MIR. It's the same Superflower units but with a higher wattage and modular cables. I suppose if you can put up with a big cable mess and REALLY want Platinum PSU then you would shell out for the AP-550.

On Feb 28th the Kingwin AP-550 was selling for $60
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Yeah, the Absolute Platinum is an updated version of the same platform as the Capstone - the Golden King. So like the Rosewill Tachyon and Kingwin Lazer Platinum, it should be more expensive despite it lack of modularity. It's also can be used as a 650w Gold unit as previous stated. Either way, they are both excellent units and the Capstone is priced very well as well.
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