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Greetings everyone!

lool, this is my fist thread here & its a pleasure to do it.

Im one of the people that have a Qosmio x770, which i bought a year and a half ago, with a 8GB RAM, 1.5GB GTX 560M.

Listing up the things that i wanna talk about with you all owners is:

1. Ever had a OC for that card ?
2. Ever had problems with it ?
3. Whats the temps that you ever got the highest ?
4. with the new benchmarkering '' Valley '', what was your score ?

Personally for my case, i have it Downclocked most of the time, it have a base clock of 775 core and i downed it to 662 & sometimes to 675.
Why ? coz its idiotic throttles with its base clock while playing Crysis 2 unless you hock it up to an external monitor, lol weird huh?
i ran Valley & got 733 score in high res in 1080.

i want to know all of you guys about if you ever had these problems & got them fixed in anyway.
one more thing, ever considered to change the MxM to 670M ?

lets hear about it. thumb.gif