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Hello my friends or potential saviors.
Let me start by saying i read the OP and i can't even run any of the programs suggested since i crash before being able to run anything, nonetheless i was able to quickly copy my dmp files to a usb and back to my laptop which i'm using to write this message. I don't know how to read them so i'll be pasting the .dmp file

Comptuer specs (off my head) :

CPU : Intel I5-2500k
motherboard : asus p8z68-v
GPU : ati 5770
RAM : 2x4gb gskill ripjaws
power supply : Cooler Master GX 650w

How it started : Installed City XL premium (hacked, dunno if it's useful to specify). Then my computer crashed and from there all hell broke loose for me. These are the major steps it took in worsening
  1. Everytime i started the computer it would take like 20 seconds affter fully starting for the computer to stop responding : each time i clicked an icon it said the program didn't exist and asked me if i wanted to delete it. then i was left only with the mouse cursor before it gave a message then shutting down the "correct way". ( i can't recall the message but when i searched the answers were saying it had something to do with the hard drive.
    Things i tried :
    Restoring to a previous state
    Small things i noticed :
    It seemed like explorer.exe was crashing since whatever was already opened stayed opened.
  2. After that it evolved to a point where i couldn't start the computer in one try, let me explain :
    Everytime i started the computer it went past the bios spash screen and stopped at the blinking cursor, only after many tries would it go past the blinking cursor only to bring me back to the first state : no responding and rebooting etc. if i chose to boot from cd/dvd it would work but as soon as i had to reboot it was the same.
    Things i tried :
    Fixing boot with install CD but it told me it wasn't finding my issue.
    Reinstalling my operating system on another drive and trying to repair the earlier drive from there but it was the same, i still had to struggle to get past the blinking cursor and when i did the crashes where still happening even on a fresh install.
    Since the 2 HDDs ( 1000Gb and 150 Gb ) where kinda old i bought a new one, not a hdd but an SSD (120gb samsung 840) as i always wanted one
    Things i noticed :
    shutting it down completely and waiting a little bit increased the chances of getting past the blinking dot.
    Verified in UEFI that my cpu and ram were recognised and they were.
  3. Made a clean install on the ssd but then i was still struggling to get past the blinking cursor and i was getting BSODs everytime i reached the desktop like few minutes after or as soon as i launched something ie : jcgriff2 BSOD File Collection app and as i said earlier, even safe mode gives BSODs. Now i'm thinking it's not from the HDD or SSD but from the hardware. I noticed my gpu wasn't being recognized, more like non existant, the only display thing i had was the vga one from my motherboard.
    Things i tried :
    Removing all USB peripherals
    Removed and dusted the gpu
    Removed and dusted RAMs
    Removed and placed back my motherboards battery to reset it
    Things i noticed :
    Not more stuck at the blinking cursor ever
    Sometimes the bluescreen would occur only when i started using the computer (even when i waited for a long time before trying to do anything)

My .dmp file must be attached at the end, sorry i'm not able to have it in quotes somewhere since i don't know how to read them. I was hoping to get some knowladge on where the blue screens come frome
PS : i'm french so my english really sucks :/
. 271k .zip file