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Maximum Frequency in Win8 resource monitor

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This does not fit in well anywhere. Since I have a Intel micro and chipset it's not too wrong here.
If have Win8 84bit, i7-3770s, Z77 (on an ASRock Z77M)
In the Win8 resource monitor there is a parameter Maximum Frequency.
I made a quick search on the web and everybody keeps telling this is the actul CPU frequency (including speedstep or turbo boost).
However, if I look at other tools, they do not reflect the frequency the resource monitor shows.
How shall I interpret this? Who is right?
http://tinyurl.com/d7eadth/Max Frequency.m4v
If you are curious: I have BOINC running. What you see is that the CPU utilization control interferes with the SpeedStep/TurobBoost regulation and is swinging. Not only that, on this particular PC the real utilization is much higher than the adjusted (you see 50% desired CPU utilization, the outcome is rather 75%).

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You can use CPU-Z or RealTemp to monitor the actual CPU frequency. I'm not sure what the Win 8 freq shows, but Win 7 would normally just show the default for the CPU.
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Hi forceman,

If you take a look at the video you'll see that I took CPU-Z and the AXTU tool (ASRock xTreme Tuner Utility) for comparision.
And you'll see that the Maximum Frequency is no fixed value but very dynamic. With SpedStep&Co I would not be surprised seeing the frequency dancing. I'm just surprised, that the other tools differ.

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I can't see the video at work, unfortunately, but it's possible the the difference is just due to the reporting time. The CPU frequency changes hundreds (or thousands) of times a second, so depending on when and how often the tool is polling the frequency it could just be that they are reading it at different points.
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The difference is huge.
While neither CPU-Z nor AXTU ever show anything below 3900Mhz, the Freqeuncy of the resourcemonitor drops even even to 6% (the maxiumum the resourcemonitor shows is 125%).
If this value is related to the 3100Mhz nominal frequency of the CPU it would mean a frequceny of 186Mhz.
Seems unrealistic unless the CPU is throttled.
So what is the resoure monitor show and why do all other say it is the actual frequency? Is it?
How do I see if thermal throttling kicks in?

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Sounds like an issue with the Win 8 resource monitor. RealTemp and CPU-Z should show the actual CPU frequency (Realtemp in particular updates quite frequently). I would trust them, but I have no idea what the resource monitor tool might be trying to show.
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The next time I reboot I'll disable speedstep.
It will be interesting to see the effect on
*) automatic overclocking of the Z77M board
*) unstable CPU utilization regulation of BOINC
*) frequency readings of all tools
*) CPU temp etc.
But now it's 10:30pm in Austria. So I'll keep this up for the weekend smile.gif.

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Seems I've more to do this weekend

I've never seen a BOINC calculation error before. For me it seems a problem of my machine, but I'll ask in BOINC section to make sure.

Yesterday I saw AXTU going down to 1600Mhz once, while BOINC was active. This seems to come from SpeedStep. However I still would like to have a tool to check, if the CPU makes thermal throttling when all cores are on full load. If the CPU is throttling this would mean for me that the automatic overclocking is too agressive (and that I need a better CPU cooler ;-) ).

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I disabled the SpeedStep settomg and the outcome is unexpected
http://tinyurl.com/d7eadth/Frequ wo SpeedStep.m4v
The motherboard stopped overcklocking and the frequency is fixed at 3100Mhz.
After double checking the BIOS I found out that his is because Turbo Boost is deaktivated together with SpeedStep.
No imrpovement for the load ragulation. Still swinging.
And also the Maximum Frequency shown by the resourcemonitor keeps swinging.
At least the CPU temperature stays much lower ;-)
I think I've some trials and errors left to do smile.gif

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Whats the obsesion with resource monitor dont use it problem solved. Anyway I decided to show you my resource monitor running while using IBT and its seems to be off by almost nothing at all.

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