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ASUS VX238H Speaker Issue

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I recently got this monitor but the issue I am running into now is that the speakers do not work and the volume is maxed out. Is there a setting that enable these speakers cause right now they do not work, I have connected headphones and connected the audio cable from the monitor to the PC and it still does not work. Thank you.
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Wow to think I'm not alone on this. I just bought this screen bout 3 hours ago I'm having the exact same issue too. HDMI and both the Audio-In ports doesn't produce any sound at all. I've even tried disconnecting my HDMI and plugging my iPhone directly into the audio port to play music but still nothing.

Hardware issue maybe? Time for a RMA?
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If this has happened to you as well, then this is not an uncommon issue. I'm wondering if there is a setting in which enables the speakers but I highly doubt it.
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Good news, I just got mine to work! Turns out that my PC wasn't recognizing the speakers on the screen. Go look under Sound > Playback Devices. Make sure there is a "VX238" there. If it's missing, that's probably why it wasn't working.

I remember mine didn't have a "VX238" at first too. I don't know why, but for some reason last night when I reset my screen and when ATI Catalyst asked if I wanted to configure the HDMI Audio device that was detected (which I've been selecting "Ok" the whole time and nothing happened), I clicked "Ok" and this time the speakers suddenly just started working. Also, a "VX238" appeared under my Playback Devices when I checked, which was why it started working.

Maybe you could try fiddling around with it and see if it would randomly install/recognize the HDMI Audio Device. Maybe plug in and out the HDMI cable a few times. Or maybe reinstall the whole ATI Catalyst Control Center if you're using ATI. Theoretically, that might help since it reinstalls the "HDMI Audio Driver". If you're using nVidea you could try that too. Though I'm unsure if it's the same.

Let me know how it goes wink.gif
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I actually got mine to work as well last night, there is a setting on my cable box that has audio output and I switched it to HDMI, then it worked. By the way the speakers are so weak on this monitor but whatever at least it works.
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Yeah the speakers are nothing fantastic but at least it works now tonguesmiley.gif I actually got mine to sound a lot better than stock by using an amazing little software called Hear by Joesoft. Tweaked the sound until it actually doesn't sound half bad.

Anyways, glad it worked for you too smile.gif
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