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Originally Posted by Slightly skewed View Post

At that resolution? I don't think so. He already stated that his CPU was still stock so OC'ing that would make a difference.

3 x 580's are still pretty potent.

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Soooo why does most everyone seem to be running this game in FXAA? Am I missing something? If I had two Titans in SLI I would be happy to run the game at 4x SMAA... As long as you are hitting above 40FPS you should turn up the AA since it is a noticeable difference. You all are posting numbers like it is a huge gain, but you aren't even playing the game at max settings... I am confused... shouldn't you be benchmarking it at max settings?

Thank you to those who did actually post SMAA numbers as that is comforting to see how it hits performance as you go up. I do need to get me these new drivers cause I am currently running around with normal hair and 2x SMAA in order to stay at a decent framerate. Hopefully I can turn on TressFX with the new drivers smile.gif

Also, do these drivers and patch help fix the numerous artifact issues? Like black dots all over her face and arms, and random textures showing up fullscreen in my face... cause it is kinda annoying to have these happen...

I am not trying to start an argument or anything here, I am really confused with FXAA vs SMAA and why people would purposefully choose to not have it enabled.
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