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SteelSeries Sensei setup suggestions.

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So I recently aquired a Steel Series Sensei. It is my first mouse that I've used for a while that is considered a proffesional, top of the line gaming mouse.
Extremely happy with it handles like nothin' I have seen. I am havin' some difficulty gettin' back into some games, since everythin' I used before is cheepo,
bargain bin type of mice... To get to the point, I play MOBA and FPS games. (There's WoW, but WoW is not that accuracy heavy) For MOBA I found a real nice
setup no acceleration, all that, pretty simple. But I am struggling to find comfortable profiles with Battlefield 3. I am tryin' to utilize the settings more or less.

So would anyone care to share their experiences with similar mice, preffered settings, etc.

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I think you should pick up a dpi value that you like and stick with it. 900dpi worked well with the Sensei when I tested it, also a 500hz polling rate is quite stable. Remember Sensei only does native dpi at 90 dpi steps.

Don't get into the habit of changing dpi in game when you are playing first person shooters. It really destroys your aim and feel. Stick with a dpi and then tweak your sensitivity in game. With 900 dpi you will be able to use any sens from 2.7 (90fov min) and lower on high resolutions without having any skipping of pixels. Don't use very high dpi with high sens because Its extremely rare for a person to have accurate aim with 1 cm for a 360. Majority of good players use a sensitivity that falls somewhere between 15 - 35 cm for a 360.

900 dpi should also be a good sensitivity for games like Starcraft or WoW. Most of the pro players in Starcraft are using 800 dpi on 1920*1080 resolution.
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That helped quite a bit, thank You.
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