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Ha ha thanks EpicPie I'm glad to be corrected. Yes it is more than ok i cant wait to get my hands on it lol! biggrin.gif
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Sold this older GPU and get a better one, check what programs do you use and what you may use in the future. Get a faster RAM and if possible more of it, I din't read your entire rig specs but if you don't have an SSD then get a program called AMD Radeon RAMDisk, it can help you for faster loading of certain programs if cached/inside a RAM Disk and it can save it on RAM.

If you do that then it will take a bit longer to get up your OS and to shut it down but for some vital programs it can really help you reduce your loading time. If you game it can really help you in games.

Freeware version allows you 4gb to be used as RAMDisk and full version will allow you up to 64Gb.

SSD's are faster but RAMDisk is a sweet spot betwen HDD and SSD for certain tasks.
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