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Well that's retarded... you're saying that if I dont have a T.V with a DVI port I'm pretty much screwed for 120hz?? That doesn't make any sense. This T.V is 120hz. Says so right on the box. So why would they enable a T.V to have 120hz capability when you can't access it... since this T.V doesn;t have a DVI port.
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Sorry bro, the TV might have a 120 Hz panel in it, but none of the interfaces will allow you to display a 120 Hz digital signal on it. The 120 Hz comes into play when you feed it a 1080p 24 fps 3D packed signal over HDMI 1.4, which is basically 1080p with 24 left and 24 left frames per second (48 frames per second, alternating left/right/left/right). The TV then does motion interpolation "in between" the frames to make it appear smoother and more fluid, giving you the illusion of 48 FPS for each eye, 96 FPS total. With 1080P/60 content, it will double it to 1080P/120 on-screen, but you're still looking at 60 "Real" frames per second, and 60 "made up" interpolated frames.

No consumer TV has a Dual Link DVI interface that I'm aware of, and HDMI 1.4 certainly can't do 1080P/120 because it lacks the bandwidth.

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TVs use HDMI and maybe VGA.

Monitors use DVI-d and DP.

Just how it is wink.gif
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