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Zowie EC2 Evo Too easy to click?

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I just got an EC2 Evo in the mail and need some feedback. The oversized wheel makes me want to rest my middle finger on the 2nd mouse button. When I do this, the mouse clicks from the weight of my 2 fingers. If I only rest the middle finger on the 2nd button, my hand flattens out and I find my pinky finger dragging on the mouse pad.

Is the low actuating pressure a common issue or a quality control issue? My initial research led me to believe that the buttons would be hard to click. While I'm not the biggest fan of hard clicks, I certainly don't want to be clicking accidentally. I didn't read anything about that in all the reviews I poured over so I would appreciate some feedback.

Should I send it back or try to find a fix? If the switches were swapped for Omron switches, would it still be an issue?

Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!
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That's very strange indeed, I had both EC2 Evo and ended up returning it because I found the clicks to be too hard for my taste. I think you might have a defective one.
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Thanks, when you say you had both, do you mean you returned it and tried another? Or you tried both EC1 and EC2?

I'm still curious about the switches. If anyone has replaced the Huano switches with Omron, how does the mouse feel after? I have a dead Gigabyte M8000X, which is supposed to have 10 million click Omrons. I'm contemplating pulling those out and seeing how they work with the EC2.

From a warranty standpoint, I'd rather have a working product that a company stands behind than be modding stuff and SOL if I kill it. It would still be worth the risk if I can get the comfort of the EC2 and the clicks of the M8000X. I would be very sad if I replaced the switches and had similar click problems due to the design of the shell. The Haunos are supposed to be a firmer switch, but these certainly don't feel firm.

At this point I'm leaning towards returning it, and if the next one isn't any better I may try to mod that one. Additional feedback still welcome!
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If it's easy for you to return or RMA it, go for it. I've never had Zowie mice, but difference in actuation force of the switches seems to be common (observed on all of my mice: 2 x A4Tech, MS WMO1.1, Razer DA2013). If that's the only flaw you're experiencing, satisfied with the mouse otherwise and you're not willing to consequentially search for unflawed unit, you could try dismantling the switch and deforming the spring in it to get a desired actuation force.
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I haven't heard of deforming a spring in the switch. How involved is the process?

There's a bit of slop in the mouse wheel. If I hold the mouse upside down and spin the mouse wheel a lot of the turns aren't registered. I can overlook the mouse wheel, but constantly holding my fingers up for long hours is a no go. It was purchased from Amazon and they are out of stock now. One of their reviews said it had really light actuating force, if they are all like this I'd be better off not waiting for restock.
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Here's an example of how to do this operation as shown on Omron switches. It's a fix for double-click issue, but it also means hardening the button itself. Haven't been able to find a guide or a photo for Huano's, but I think it's more or less the same process, beware that it requires delicacy and caution though.

Basically you just deform the spring in whichever way so that it has more deflexion resistance. Apply pressure to the area of the spring where the white clicker is at with something thin (preferrably not sharp) as soon as you've opened the switch casing, remove the spring, apply deformation, put it back and see if there's a difference. If you put both fingers on your right click I assume making the operation force around 80-85 g.
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Thanks, I appreciate the info.
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I find right-click to be very easy to missclick on my EC1eVo. But I'm having the same problem with all mice of that design (IME 3.0, DA, G400), but it happens on the EC1evo most.
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The Huano spring is different from Omrons design. The Huano switches used in the eVo should be the stiffer version.

That being said. Any ergonomic like design tends to have an easier right click compared to the left. The eVo has less travel on the right side. Therefore, the right click is more responsive to any force applied to it. Simply, yes the right click is easier on the eVo, that is normal for mice of that design.

I like to use the right click as my primary click in CS because it is much better than the left on the eVo.
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Originally Posted by popups View Post

Any ergonomic like design tends to have an easier right click compared to the left. The eVo has less travel on the right side. Therefore, the right click is more responsive to any force applied to it.

I thought the same whe I was experiencing the right click issue with my DA2013, that there's just a smaller gap between the right button clicker and the right switch than between the left ones. In reality they are the same (on DA2013), and the difference is caused by the difference of operation forces of switches themselves. No idea on why is it so and why it's a fairly common problem (RMB being softer and not vice versa), since the switches have the same labeling.
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