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Fluctuating core clock speeds AMD phenom x4 965 with asus m4n75td

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Hi guys, new to this community and excited to get my OC on.

I've successfully got a stable system running at 4ghz (from stock 3.4ghz) at 1.46v. I am using an AMD phenom x4 965 with asus m4n75td. At idle I'm around 40 degrees Celsius. When stressing I hit high 50s.

However I've noticed that in cpu-z my current core speed drops when under stress! I've turned off cool and quiet, c1e and spread spectrum in the bios. I've gone into windows power options and turned on high performance. The value it drops to is all over the place. Sometimes as low as 2ghz. I've done some googling and the only thing I've found is to turn off turbo but the only turbo this board has is a feature to turn your power button into an OC button. I do not have TurboV installed.

Why am I still getting a fluctuating clock speed? It's frustrating to say the least. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Here are some screenshots of my bios settings:

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I don't think that the 965 has a turbo feature, I might be wrong but I don't recall seeing it on mine.

How are you measuring temperature? If you're hitting the high 50s understress, perhaps a core or two is hitting 61C and throttling. In fact, the 965's recommended temperature is under 55C. It's entirely possible that it's throttling around 58C-59C.

Try reducing voltage and see what happens, or put more fans on the cooler.
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It seems to be occurring even at 45 degrees.

By stress testing with OCCT it's only fluctuating a little bit and the range it goes down is little. But when I stress it by playing multiple copies of diablo 3 (multiboxing) it goes nuts dropping down to 3ghz on a regular basis. Maybe it has to do more with my memory? I have (4x2) 8gb of DDR3 1333 in unganged mode and I currently have the dram frequency set for 1440mhz.

Thanks for a super fast response.


I set dram freq to 1333 and put up the cpu multiplier so it was an even 4ghz and it's still happening.

I forgot to mention in my first post I have the latest bios update as well.
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Okay so I completely reset all my overclocked settings. Running stock 3.4ghz at 1.35v and stress testing is topping at 50 degrees. Memory is stock 1333mhz.

I am still seeing huge cpu speed dropping especially when multiboxing diablo. Lowest it dropped to is 1.7ghz for a second.

There must be a setting or something I am missing that is causing it to jump way down.
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Check the tightness of your VRM heatsink?
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Mine was like that earlier.. I found mines when i was on windows 7 and i went to the AMD overdrive i saw it that it was saving power and automatically under clocking my cpu.. And it was fluctuating from 1ghz to 4mhz and i put everything back to 4mhz and viola!!!
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