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I'm looking for some advice about which monitor I should pick up strictly for use with my consoles (PS3, Wii U)

I think I have narrowed it down to these 3 currently, I should mention I'm from Canada and these are the current prices I can get these for

Asus VH236H - $170.00 - was the EVO/MLG monitor of choice and I think they still use it at EVO now but not entirely sure.

Asus VH238H - $155.00 with mail in rebate - basically the LED version of the above

Asus VS239H-P - $170.00 with mail in rebate - IPS panel but suppose to be pretty good with low input lag/low ghosting for an IPS

I should mention again these are just for use with my consoles, I will be purchasing a separate monitor for my PC (probably a 120hz or newer 144hz still not sure)

I don't plan to play on a professional/tournament level just for regular everyday gaming. from what I have been reading the VH238H has slightly more input lag than the VH236H but I am not sure how much more it would be. Am I better off picking up the IPS panel for the upgraded picture quality? Will I notice any kind of input lag/ghosting if I go with an IPS?

If there any other other monitors in this price range that are just as good or better I'm open to all suggesstions.