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Project Haswell

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Hey guys I am starting a new project except this one is actually going to be for my personal daily use computer. Some of you might have seen the last mod I did which made the cover of CPU magazine for the April 2013 edition seen here:

I know I haven't gained much interest from users here because I don't have a high post count or whatever but I am not a newcomer to modding so hope at least some of you will genuinely enjoy this build log.

It will be a completely customized Cosmos II that will not resemble the original Cosmos except for some slight resemblance)

Sponsors for this build are:
Cooler Master

List of parts to be used:
Cosmos II
3 EVGA GTX Titans(hydrocopper) in triple SLI
Motherboard: to be determined but it will be a Haswell chipset motherboard
CPU: Haswell (to be determined upon release)
Swiftech GPU waterblocks
CPU waterblock: Swiftech
PUMPS: 2 Swiftech pumps
Reservoirs: to be determined
Rads: 1 480, 1 360 & 1 240 (to be determined)
Fans: Cooler Master Excaliburs
PSU: to be determined
Sleeving: MDPC
Coolant: Alphacool pure water and Mayhems to be determined
SSD's: 6 SSD's in RAID 0 possibly Plextors or Samsung Pro series[/I][/B][/SIZE]

Mnpctech Pre-Ordering page for Cooler Master Cosmos II Clear Window Panel

Basically I am completely stripping down this case, removing the midplate and fabricating my own based on the motherboard when it is released. Also the entire front I/O shield will be deleted and a 480 rad will be mounted there after I delete the entire 5.25" bays and the HDD bays. I will be using a custom overkill grill from MNPCTECH on the intake. I will be mounting a 480 rad up top and also using an MNPCTECH overkill grill there after I fabricate the flush mounting solution around the current top panel.

Also I am almost sure that I will be housing both pumps down below in the PSU section of the case. The top handles will be deleted from the case as well as the roll bar type feet currently on the case. The side panel will be a solid custom acrylic side panel that will be mounted directly to the factory oem door hinge so you will be able to see every inch of the inside of this case mod.[/SIZE]

Here are some basic pictures of what I have deleted so far out of the case. (Definitely getting rid of the Octopus front I/O shield, just has way too many wires for my taste and I will be installing a custom fan controller)

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i know who you are you are on LAVCO fourms lol and that green computer was at CES for coolmaster !
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Originally Posted by REPUBLICOFGAMER View Post

i know who you are you are on LAVCO fourms lol and that green computer was at CES for coolmaster !

Yep that's me...lol I am on about 15 different forums because I like to talk to folks from all over the world.

I am getting one of the Titans delivered today so I am pretty excited to get a look at how badly it will be bottlenecked by my 3770k.
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now a days they are trying to produce too fast that they can not perfect what is already out..............
I got 3 7950's overclocked to 1110/1425 _faster then 7970's ghz editions and i can not even pull 100fps in vally on ultra

and it kinda makes me mad lol but then again i run a 8350 so idk
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Well as some of you know I got in 2 of the GTX Titans today. I have to say these are the nicest looking and feeling air cooled cards I have ever owned. Swiftech blocks will be coming hopefully within less than a week as well as backplates. Here are some pictures.

Have around 7 weeks to wait till 480 overkill grills so I can fab out the entire front bezel of the cosmos II as well as the top extension.
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i bet those cards are worth more then my entire rig LOL
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drool.gif so jealous dude those cards are mental lol. love to see how this turns out
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dat cards drool.gif
gimme one. one card is enough for play the latest game ever release biggrin.gif
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