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Yeah, I think the metric has significantly changed over the past few years - so much so that I don't think any upgrades can truly be considered 'required' anymore.

If your current system is using too much power or creating too much heat during normal use - then a Haswell upgrade would seem to be almost tailor made. Same if you use the IGP as in laptop or HTPC applications.

But if you're using a SB/IB/SB-E or potentially even just a 1366 solution - and you have a recent generation discrete GPU... chances are you can still do almost everything possible with reasonable speed. Sure you might pick up a few frames in your favorite game, or you might be able to rip a CD in 7 fewer seconds... but you can most likely still play it/rip it now and not be going insane (and if you are then Haswell probably won't be changing that for you because you want everything to be instantaneous). biggrin.gif

Totally agree thumb.gif its the power I want to reduce, but hey if I pick more speed and new architecture on the way its a bonus!

My i920 is at 3.4 with default voltage, 1.2v . I could raise the voltage but prefer a quieter system, hence less heat = less fans and my system is so quite. biggrin.gif