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Higher overclock with Noctua D14? i7 2600k (4.8Ghz+)?

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Sorry i posted this in Air Cooling a while ago and got no replies - going to try here to see if i have anymore luck

Im currently buying a used computer for a friend, an i5 2500k - and i wanted to overclock it for them. Was going to get a cheap Hyper 212+ but i thought, what if i gave them my cooler - a Venomous XRT http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835109030 which has my i7 2600k going at 4.7Ghz for a year now

I was wondering if i upgraded my HSF to something like a Noctua D14 if it would stabilize my chip at 4.9Ghz+ (was not stable at 4.9 with venomous) and give them my HSF

What would you guys do...I was also debating a Corsair H100i but i still think the Noctua beats it, but the H100i looks cleaner in the case

I'll be grabbing the HSF fan from here http://www.memoryexpress.com/Category/CoolingCPU so if you have any other recommendations let me know! Rather not spend $120 but im open to whatever

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Upgrading your cooler won't necessarily allow for a higher stable OC. What it does allow for is the mitigation of heat issues caused by high OCs. As people ramp up the voltage and speed, the processors get hotter, this heat can lead to instability and degradation of the processor over time. Having a better cooler reduces the heat on the processor cores, preventing these heat issues.

If you are currently seeing temperatures around the maximum recommendation for the i7 2600k, then improving a cooler may help. If you're not near those temperatures, then you're unlikely to see much, if any improvement.
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Yea its tough to gauge if lowering the Temps by 5-8C will give me another 200-300mhz OC. I know for sure it did boot and run maybe 1 or 2 loops of IBT before crapping out at 4.9Ghz, 4.8Ghz lasted a bit longer but not the full 10 loop default IBT setup (I also use Prime 95, but IBT reveals stability issues pretty quick)

Not sure if its worth $80 for a 5% increase in overclock haha but hitting 5Ghz seems like a nice number to hit.

Ill most likely end up just spending $30 on a 212+ but i just wanted a reason to get something for myself lol
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