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Project: Forsaken by LoKi

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Evening people! It has been a while since i last posted a project worrklog, i never have time to take photos generally because of the hurry. This year I have started a little enterprise with a friend, and it´s a workshop-office were we make mods here in Buenos Aires, and we will be back on track with the worklogs of all our projects!

Lets get to it

This case was a request for the launching of the game called "Forsaken" here in Argentina, and for it's design i took elements from the Dwarf character inside the game, lots of leather, bronze and copper, kinda steampunkish..

We take a Thermaltake commander as the base for this project

I started by getting leather on various shades of Brown, to sheathe the right side panel, it has a 10mm layer of foam underneath so it's really cushy.
the leather is fixed to the side panel with copper rivets.

This work is before i managed to get a leather puncher, i'm making the holes for the rivets with an exacto knife.

At the same time, i started painting the coolers for the top, they are "Aerocool RS12", with bronze coloured paint.

Once proper tension has been applied to the side panel leather, i glued its edges so it looks neat.

fitting test, and calming the urge to see it finished tongue.gif

meanwhile, the blades of the coolers are receiving the first layer of Rust oleum plastic primer.

The exacto knife also helped me making this leather add ons for the coolers.

At last, i got the leather puncher!

Here are the fans with some screws attached to their bases, so i can put the leather add ons on them.

Some bronze blind nuts will do the fixing job

I tought of "sewing" the top and the side panel together by using leather strips, and this is the prepairing job:

Mounted on the side panel, it waits for the top.

Assembling the fans

I start with the top of the case

and i rivet it to the case.

now this is the part were it will be "Sewed" to the side panel

But before i need to cut the holes so the air can pass trough , because i won't be able to cut them later

Holes made and with the eyelets ready

My partner, as colaborative as allways

Here you can see the top fiked to the side panel, the fans screwed and two stripes that will hold the front part in position.

Testing the lenghts with the front on, ideas are flowing..

In the meantime, i have to prepare the other side panel, that will go on a lighter shade of brown, and it will have a window.

The clock is ticking so i manage to paint the mesh of the case in bronze

Before i fix the leather to the side panel, i have to put everything on it, 'cause i wont be able to do it later, so this is the time to make the signature (solder plus a leather piece)

The leather riveted in, signature: check! and the window shape is cutted out.

The idea of this window is not only to show the hardware, but to show the game also, so i decided to print the dwarf on perforated vinyl, so with the difference on the lightning i can see the inside of the case, or the picture.

The acrylic was fixed with bolts and blind nuts, and this time I didn't glue the leather because i liked the shape that it took.

Some pics of the work at this point

I still have to make the front pieces, so stick around for the rest of this worklog!!

Ty all and sorry for my englsh
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Thats really nice looking and original! thumb.gif
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