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Idk if its that still I dropped one of my 1050t in a ecs 780gma ultra which is super low grade board and it ran on full load no problem

Thus I really think its a cooling issue.
And not exactly true asustweaker most newer 990fx boards have thermal control and a.m.p which throttles by temp not load along with c&q
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I've turned off cool and quiet and changed the clock speed from 2.7 (default) to 3.2, gonna see if games can play/run without it being stupid, but if you're saying it's due to heat/temperatures then I guess it's just going to throttle and downclock all over again once it hits the same threshold ?
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It is not cool and quiet. Try looking in hardware status or what ever it is on your board there has to be a option.
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The feature cannot be turned off; even then, doing so would risk destroying your board and your setup. The protective throttling you may be experiencing is there for your safety. The solution is to pony up money for a new motherboard; in the meantime, lower your power draw by locking cores to get stable and safe full-speed operation. You do not have a VRM setup built for the high power draw of a 6-core processor. The design was originally ratified for dual core processors several generations ago.
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