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Cutting hole on the underside of the SG05?

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I'm going to be using an ASRock Z77E-ITX in the SG05. The Z77E-ITX has a MSATA slot on the underside and accessing is a pain once the board is in a case. Has anyone tried cutting an opening on the underside of the SG05 so underside components (heatsink backplate, MSATA slots, etc.) are easier to access? The metal of the SG05's bottom / underside seems pretty thick. Wonder if this will be doable with a Dremel...

I'm thinking of cutting out a square-shaped opening within the area b/w the SG05's standoffs. I hope an opening in that area is enough to be able to access any heatsink backplate and the MSATA slot on my board.
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never cut a case w/o removing all electronics that may be affected by iron dust....

i thought this would be common sense for us biggrin.gif
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Of course. That's common sense. All I have right now is the case. There's nothing in it yet.

Was just asking to see if anyone has done this as well on their SG05.
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ahh it sounded like you already have the system built and just wanted to go lazy biggrin.gif

anyway. i've never seen a SG05 cut like that, only seen a SG02 that was cut and it seemed ok. issues you will be faced with on a case this small is the fact that you are cutting a fairly large chunk of the structural integrity from the chassis. the chassis will no longer benefit from the structural stiffness offered by a monocoque chassis structure. personally I don't know it would be wise to cut something this small especially considering the vast difference in CPU socket placement of modern ITX mobo's. to make it compatible for "future" boards, you may have to cut a BIG hole biggrin.gif if you are seriously considering cutting it, you will have to somehow reenforce the underside of the chassis so the standoffs don't have too much flex due to the lack of rigidity on the mobo tray.

if you examine the modern mobo tray's with the cuts in them already, they have additional steel folded back at the opening to offer additional structural stiffness as well as a smoother edge to work with. the mobo tray are also bent at various locations to offer higher stiffness as well... so... personally, I would say no as a recommendation, but i'm not saying it's impossible.
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Made the cut today.

I purposely made one side slanted. The cutout follows the way the motherboard standoffs are placed in the case. I need to buy new edge molding.
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hehe now you need to figure out a way to put plexiglass on there so critters don't craw up in there biggrin.gif
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I was planning on just slapping a 140mm magnetic fan filter over it. Won't cover it completely and I'm not sure if the magnets will affect the motherboard though...
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