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Overclocking Club3D 7870 jokerEdition problem

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I'm new to overclocking, so it's likely that i don't understand something here...

I've recently bought Club3D 7870 joker Edition videocard. I've never done any overclocking in my life, but i was kind of tempted to do it this time. I installed the latest ATI Catalyst and used AMD OverDrive for overclocking. Default Clock and Memory are 975 and 1500 Mhz on this card, i set them to 1210 and 1620 Mhz respectively. I read in one the reviews that this is the optimum setting. I also set additional power to 20% and fan power to 50%.
Then i ran some tests. AvP 2010 benchmark ran smoothly, giving me a 10 fps boost. The peak temperature was at 75C. But then i tried to run Resident Evil 6 and 3DMark benchmarks and got some issues with them. In particular, in 3DMark the screen froze for a couple of seconds and then went on to desktop with the benchmark running at the background. The RE6 benchmark was similar, although it didn't throw me to desktop, just occasional freezes. The temperature never passed 75C mark. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 ran smoothly with peak temperature at 60C.
What might be the problem? I also simultaneously ran GPU-Z and Fraps in some of the tests.

My specs are the following:

Intel i5-3570k
Club3D 7870 joker Edition
AsRock Z77 Extreme4
2xCorsair DDR-3 12800 4gb
Corsair CMPSU-800G 800W
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Every card overclocks differently. Some can reach 1300/1800 while others can barely reach 1050/1575. You need to use GPU-z and watch the GPU temps and the VRM temps. I would say to not let them go over 75c. When you do a jump like that without testing the clocks in between you might be throttling your card and not getting the performance you could get at a lower clock speed. Reset your card to stock and add a 20% power limit. Then increase your core by 50Mhz and test that. If it is alright do 25 Mhz more and test. Repeat adding 25Mhz until you end up seeing artifacts or the game or bench freeze. Don't forget to watch your temps. Once the core is maxed out then you start increasing the memory, first by 50Mhz and then by 25Mhz. Once you see artifacts back down and now you have the max OC your card can handle. What is the voltage for the card? You could get your overclock higher by increasing it to 1.25v, but I wouldn't go any higher than that on air. Remember! Temps! Also, I would set your fans to 100% while benching and then after you have stable clocks you can lower it to a point where it doesn't bother you and your temps stay under 75c. I personally don't let me temps go over 65c, but that is just personal preference.

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Thanks for the reply.

I just read several reviews of the card, stating they had increased the clock and memory to those particular numbers without any voltage tweaks and got great results, so i thought i'd go straight for it, since it's the exact same card. Being quite unpatient here, i agree.
I will follow your advice, but what stress benchmark would you recommend? I heard that Unigine benchmark provides good results, should i do it in full screen mode with GPU-Z running?
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