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Can the Perc 5/i control SATA CDROM Burners?

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I am building a tower with 10 CDROM burners. I don't want a duplicator because #1 we burn CDs straight from hard disk images and #2 we already own the system and the drives (ASUS OEM DVD + x48 CDROM burners).

I am looking for a controller that can handle 7 more SATA CDROMs. I tried the Highpoint 2680 but I can't even boot with the Windows driver enabled for it, my x64 Windows 7 desktop locks up.

So I am looking around and the Perc 5/i looks like a possibility. Has anyone tried connecting a SATA CDROM drive to see if it recognizes it?

If not then does anyone have a recommendation for a controller card with 8 SATA ports that can all control CDROM burners? I have 1 PCI slot and 1 16x PCIe slot available.

I guess the alternative would be a new Athlon x64 motherboard with 12 SATA ports that can all work with CDROMs.
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OK I solved it but not with a PERC 5/i - I happen to have an old SuperMicro server that died a while back (I actually posted here for help on it) and I never was able to bring it back to life. So I decided to pop the case open and see what it was using for RAID.

Cue dramatic music - it had an Adaptec 5805 which is a lovely little SAS/SATA RAID card. And it uses the same 8087 SATA breakout cables as the Highpoint card.

I dropped it in and Windows 7 automatically loaded a driver for it and all my CDROM drives popped up without doing anything.

The only step I had to take was to go into the advanced config in the RAID card BIOS on first boot and enable CDROM/DVD functionality which is disabled by default. Then I loaded the latest Adaptec drivers from the web site and it's working perfectly.

I didn't even have to use the cables from the SuperMicro server (which it had) - I just used the ones that were already in there from the HighPoint install.

So a happy ending. FYI if anyone else is trying to build a CDROM tower desktop this is a great controller for it. We're using Nero version 10 to burn all 10 CDROMs at the same time. This is now a very nice solution.

The case we're using is a Zalman MS800 mid-tower. Perfect for this application:


The DVD/CDROM burners are the ASUS DRW-24B1ST SATA Device:


Of course this really only makes sense because I had one laying around in a dead server. It's way overkill for just CDROM burners. This card is ~$500 new, maybe you can find one used for $250 if you are lucky.

I will say though, it is hard to find out which SATA controllers can work with DVD/CDROMs. If you try to google it you get nothing. Might be a nice project to research this.
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