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Case: Small but i'd prefer if it could fit something like 6 hdds total in it;3 minimum though probably.
Cpu: I have an intel i5 750 lying around. That being said I would need a gpu to go with it too. AMD's APUs have my attention too but I have no clue what's good. It'd prefer an matx or smaller form factor.
Gpu: cheapest around.
psu: something good but cheap or something to replace my silverstone strider plus 750w in my main rig.
Now here's the fun part. I want to be able to play games like l4d2, saints row 3, crysis and etc on it. Video watching is a bit of a pain too because of hi10p and 1080p.
I want to throw something like an h50 onto the cpu for cooling. I forgot my budget preferably under 700
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