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Koolance - Double Pump

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Hello, this is my first post on this forum so please be friendly. biggrin.gif

I have been deep into research on water cooling over the past week. Thanks to everyone here for the great info. I have plans on building a new machine to overclock.

Here are some specs:

CoolerMaster HAF X
Corsair AX1200i
ASUS Maximus V Formula/ThunderFX
Intel i7-3770k processor
2xCorsair 480GB SSD
BlueRay RW...

4xCorsair Memory?? 2400 or 1600??? (Any suggestions for memory would be appreciated.)

Water Cooling by Koolance

Internal 3x120mm Rad w/108cfm fans w/barbs (horizontal mount inside top of case)
External 4x120mm Rad w/108cfm fans w/QD3 w/External Rad Mount (vertical mount behind case)
RP-1250 Reservoir (includes internal monitoring of fans speed, temps, and flow rate)
(Flow meter, temp sensors after rad, temp sensor before rad)
CPU Water Block
GPU Water Block
Drainage valve

To me this sounds like a lot of resistance for a single PMP-400 pump built into the reservoir. Would this system benefit from another PMP-400 pump elsewhere in the loop? (Keeping the pumps the same should ensure one does not push the other; just lessen the load.)

Water Flow

Internal Rad --> External Rad --> Reservoir --> Cold Water Sensor --> Flow Meter --> CPU Block --> Motherboard --> GPU Block --> Hot Water Sensor --> Internal Rad

Drainage system will come directly from the bottom of the GPU Block; bottom most point of the entire system. External rad can be quick disconnected with QD3 connections; replaced with a bypass hose using QD3 connections.

Thank you.
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Instead of dual pmp-400, get a single pmp-450. That will handle your loop with no problem.

As for the ram, I'd just get cheap samsung modules and OC it to 2133. I have them at 2333 CL11 with no problem. If you like the looks of corsair rams, then get 2000+ ones if the price is not so crazy.
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The pmp-400 is built into the reservoir RP-1250. That is why I am asking about double pump. Could I double pump with the pmp-400 in the reservoir and use the pmp-450 as well?
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So I noticed I can do virtually the same thing as the RP-1250 but with distinct components.

The reservoir setup would be replaced with the following:

Pump & Fan Controller (CTR-CD1224)
60mm X ???mm Tube Reservoir
PMP-450 - not mounted to reservoir

What is a good size Tube that looks good in the HAF X case? 240, 200, 120, 80 (471ml, 393ml, 236ml, 157ml)
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