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560Ti or 650Ti for graphics/video editing?

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I was set on getting this Gigabyte 650 Ti but have seen that the 560 Ti performs better? As can be seen here on AnandTech for example.

Is this still the case? Most places no longer have the 560Ti but there is a place fairly local where I can still get them from here in the UK so which one should I get?

It will hardly be used for gaming and mainly for using Sony Vegas, Adobe (Photoshop, After Effects, Premier), Corel Draw etc.

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The 560 Ti is faster but with your usage in mind I doubt you'd ever notice the difference. I'd take whichever is cheapest.
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Thanks. I can get an EVGA 560Ti refurbished for a similar price here - it only has 12 month warranty instead of three years that come normally. So both same price really but 560 Ti is refurbished.

Secondly, If I will notice a performance difference, I could go up to the 660? Is it worth spending the extra money for 660 (non-Ti)?

I can get a lower end for £30 more. - about $45.

Actually, I'm in the US next month and will be staying near a BestBuy store so I could get a 660 for about £15 more than 650 Ti, so not so much more expensive compared to buying here. But again not worth the wait/price if I won't see any difference for my uses.

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honestly you may not notice a difference between the 2 , since you aren't gaming .
a friend recently purchased a 560 for her photography rig , because it had native support for her monitor color calibration utility .
mostly used for cs5 .. dont know if that is a priority for you ..

however , i just got the gigabyte 660 for mine . ( non Ti ) after a ton of research it was in a sweet spot : price vs. performance .
which will also be used primarily for photo editing in cs4 .. and occasionally watching movies .
awesome card , 4 monitor capable , 2 gig gddr5 . lower power requirements ..
holds it's own against more expensive cards in some respects .
cant find the link to the test that sealed the decision for me , search current price / performance nvidia ..
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Great to have your input from graphics/video editing perspective. Wish I could change thread title now to add 660. If it's a noticeable difference then it's worth the extra cost. The closest Best Buy near me is 875 N Michigan Avenue. They don't seem to have the Gigabyte that you have except for marketplace (I was initially going for the 650 ti version of your card). Is there anywhere else I could pick it up from in Chicago at a good price? It's £177 here ($268) so that's too much. Actually I get it from Amazon at a good rate and they can deliver to my hotel.

Do you think that's a good choice?

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not a clue as to local ( chicago ) retailers , as i am rarely there ..
the deal you posted on amazon is almost identical to what i payed at newegg .
( same card / good price with rebate / free shipping )

i wish i could elaborate more as to the perceived differences between the 2 cards i mentioned , when using Photoshop .
but it is apples and oranges in respect to my friends pc and mine , besides the cs4 ~ cs5 difference .
hers is a year old ( stock clocked ) amd setup that could have had better choices in hardware that complimented
the overall build , ( i didn't build it for her ) , and mine is a 3 week old moderately ( 1+ gig ) overclocked intel ..

i had $ left over from the computer build , and sold a htpc which allowed me to upgrade from my previous 9800gtx+ .
so far i am very pleased with the 660 . currently set up with 3 monitors .
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Ok so going up to the 660 actually will make a difference in encoding/rendering etc? If the cost is justified then why not.

Did you consider the MSI Twin Frozr and Asus 660?
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not really , the gigabyte got better reviews , is cheaper ( after rebate ) and has a better warranty than the msi .
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