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Gaming Desktop Build

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So, uh, first, I think this this is the right forum section. Woo. Anyways, I'm looking into building a good gaming PC that can run GTA IV with the ENB Series mod and Icehancer mod, Minecraft with shader mods, and Skyrim at ultra. I would like 45 fps or more and the budget is $600-$1000. Halp?
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Hey, welcome to OCN. Pretty sure you got close to the right section since you didn't specify if you were going AMD or Intel. I will use newegg for all components, but if I were you and lived close to a MicroCenter, I would HIGHLY recommend going there to get your case and CPU/Mobo combo because they give $50 for both bought at once. Cases are price as is and no shipping, newegg has some options, but I won't be recommending anything that charges shipping to make that equal with a brick and mortar store.

I'd recommend going with these components: all conveniently hyperlinked for you

AMD CPU/Mobo Combo
Intel Mobo use the promo code
GPU: 7870 Tahiti LE cheapest price/performance with current rebate
$50 with current promo code, if you buy after tomorrow just get whatever you like
SSD (optional) (not the cheapest, but insanely reliable)
PSU $12 off promo code good for today only
PSU (if after 3/20)
Case w/window
Case w/o window (I've personally built in this case and it is fantastic)

Total prices: Give or take $20 on promo codes and whatnot....

AMD combo build w/o SSD and before rebates and the $12 off PSU: $692.94
AMD w/SSD: $801.93
Intel w/o SSD and $12 off PSU: $732.94
Intel w/SSD: $841.93

There ya go. Best of luck. No Operating system price included since there are options.
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