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HD 7870 crossfire

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Hi there,

I'm getting a second 7870HD tomorrow to crossfire,and I just have a couples of question.

The one I currently own is the 7870 Ghz Edition OC and I was wondering if I can put it in crossfire with the latest 7870HD XT with boost or do I have to get the same exact model?

And also, is it very easy to set up the crossfire? didn't find much information about it, so I guess it is very easy?

Thanks in advance guys smile.gif!
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no. The usual HD 7870 will not crossfire with an HD 7870XT. They are both different architectures. One is a Pitcairn and another is a Tahiti LE. Although, you can crossfire just about any brand partner cards with same models, this one has different architectures and hence won't work.

Crossfire is easy and is actually effective if you want the beat gaming experience but not spend huge amount of money on the high end cards. Although, there are certain disadvantages as well.
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Thank you very much for your answers, as for the architecture I kinda expected that.

And yes the performance for crossfired 7870 seemed pretty nice so I guess I'd give it a try, do you know if radeonPro third party program is worth giving it a try?

Oh and for the disadvantage I did my research, the microstuttering doesn't really bother me tongue.gif.
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well thats what radeon pro counters. So, then thats about it
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