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Proposed 800D build - critique please?

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I got in on the Corsair outlet case sale. Now with a full tower, I want to do a custom loop. Going by reported measurements from the components and research everything should fit except for pump. Can the more experienced members give some input on the loop?

Proposed loop components:
Waterblock: XSPC Raystorm (Link)
Radiator: XSPC RX480 (Link)
Reservoir: Generic Chinese 20cm radiator (Link)
Pump: Swiftech MCP35x (Link)
Compression Fittings, all 1/2" ID 3/4" OD
8 x Bitspower straight (link)
7 x Bitspowe rotary 45-degree extender (Link)
1 x Stop (For top of Resevoir)
Fans: Noctua NF-P12 fans
Radiator Shroud: Koolance 480 shroud (Link)
Tubing: Primochill LRT Advanced

I went for Noctuas instead of GTs because I can get the Noctuas for $12 each, and I hear they are quieter, plus the XSPC RX480 has low FPI so that matches up well together for low-medium speeds, I think.

Is having PWM function for pumps important? There are other pumps which are controlled by voltage or not controllable at all - how much issue will I have with sound? Or just by motherboard voltage control? For voltage control pumps, do I need a fan controller for the pump?
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Looks good so far thumb.gif I have never messed with a PWM pump but I assume it would be better ultilized for more restrictive loops, but I could be completely wrong.

You may also want to place your pump right under the res if you want to use the hot swappable drive area since your can sit nicely in that corner under the res.
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I plan on drilling out the hot-swap bays, I think they're terribly designed - it doesn't work with my SSD. With the bay gone and the front door turned into a mesh panel I think I can get some proper airflow into the case instead of relying on a single 140mm as envisioned by Corsair. rolleyes.gif Thanks.
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