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I just built a new computer using the following components:

i5 3570K
Samsung 840 250GB SSD
G.Skill 8GB RAM (2x)
Silverstone 600W PSU
Windows 7 64bit

Everything came along just fine and everything seems to be working just fine until I try to install the Intel video drivers.

I've tried installing the driver from the ASRock CD, directly downloaded from Intel, and by using the driver found on Windows Update.

Each time I try to install the driver, the install completes and then I reboot the computer. I see the Windows slash screen for just a moment then the monitor goes to sleep. This happens regardless of where I installed the driver from.

I've tried re-installing Windows completely and again trying again thinking maybe somehow the windows install got junked up. However even with another clean install the same thing happens each time I install the Intel HD Graphics driver.

To resolve the issue, granted lower quality video, is to boot into safe mode and remove the intel video driver.

Any suggestions on what's causing this or how to resolve it?