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Okay so I've been running my computer fine with air coolers for about a week. Temps are about fine on the GPUs and I noticed no damage on them. Think I'm fine leaving the thermal pads on my blocks for a month or so until I try again? Watercool's support has been nice to me before, maybe I'll just shoot them an email about destroying their product with a dremel.

This may all be user error due to the trouble I had installing the multi link crossfire bridge I have. I ordered a longer one because of my PCI spacing and had some trouble screwing it in. Like you said it helps support the cards but after draining and removing it I noticed the top card was a bit angled... I was thinking of just plumbing it again but I do want to remove the tape.

Here are some pictures of my setup when this was going on. I took at the bottom rad once I added the air coolers.

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