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FX 8120 corsair vengeance 1866 ddr3 BSOD nightmare

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Hi everyone,

I'm a total newcomer to overclocking and would like some advice on how to set up my Corsair ram properly with my system and end my BSOD misery.
I've not been able to use my intended 8gb despite countless attempts,all ending with BSOD.

Having given up ,I bought some cheap kingston 1333 that was listed as compatible on the MOBO website,and this runs fine without a single BSOD since using it.

I wonder if some kind person could give me a step by step guide on how to set my voltage and timings ect, so I can finally run my PC using 1866 ram?


AMD FX 8120 @ default 3.1ghz
2 x 4gb ddr3 1866 corsair vengeance CMZ8GX3M2A1866C9
600w Coolermaster
ATI HD 6670
WD 3000js

I've tried following tutorials and guides many times,but the options I have on my MOBO differ from others and I end up getting lost frown.gif

Many thanks,

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Try these timings: 9-10-9-27 as taken off of Corsair's website for the tested latency.

You also might need to OC the CPU/NB a bit.
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Thanks for your reply Droviin,

I've uploaded a few screenshots of my bios settings as this is where I always get stuck - I don't know where the CPU/NB voltage setting is - is it the one called memory over voltage?

(Memory timing and voltage options list screen below)

(Dram timing configuration options screen below)

Could you have a quick look and see if I'm putting these numbers in the right place?

With the current setup win 7 booted straight into a BSOD frown.gif
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I believe the chipset over voltage may increase the CPU/NB, but I'm not firm on that. What you want to do is increase the CPU/NB frequency which should, iirc, increase the tolerated RAM speeds. If you're certain that it's the RAM causing the problems and not the CPU at those RAM speeds, you can try increasing the RAM voltages up to 1.6 which tends to give a little more breathing room.

As for timings, you can also try loosening up the bottom section, single digit numbers a bit too. I tend to bump them up two at a time until the RAN stable and then work my way back down until it's unstable, after which I rest them to the "last known good".
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