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The Diamond MultiMedia GC1000 Review
The Diamond MultiMedia GC1000 is a very versatile video recorder. It can record from a large variety of common outputs and provide pass through while sending the recorded data directly to a PC for HD playback. I remember the days when I would record my Halo(Halo 1) gameplay through a TV card in my Sony desktop, a desktop I picked in part because of its composite input recording capability. I used to have so much fun making mix tapes of head shots and when the game would spit out, ?Killed by the Guardians? which in the first game was a pretty hard thing to find. It is really something to perform at your best while playing a game, and the ability record those precious memories is something every avid gamer should have. These days I don?t play so many console games; I am a computer hardware reviewer so many times I play games which I use as benchmarks. However I do have Wii which I like to play with friends, and today I have included some of Mario in the review. However I have taken it a step further and recorded things that the GC1000 wasn't meant to record. Let?s say I am very pleased with this little device, it has brought back all the fun of recording.
Now the GC1000?s packaging is heavily set towards gamers, it would easily catch your eye, and is decorated like a typical DMM(Diamond Multi Media) box.

A thing a really like is how all the available inputs are displayed.

Now the back carries a lot of information, so save the box. When I was trying to hook up the Wii with composite input I noticed that the GC1000 is only set up for component, however further inspection of the box will reveal that it also takes composite, and it shows exactly what input to use, it worked very well. It really is a versatile device, however it should also advertise that it can easily capture any PC?s output, granted your video card has HDMI output.

The actual device is very lightweight and has a nice soft rubber finish.

The accessory package is pretty complete. You have the USB cable for connecting to a computer, a CDROM from software, and sets of component cables. However one thing is missing and that is an HDMI cable. I had my own, however if you need one then you will need to buy one.

The inputs and outputs are very well labeled. The light on the top of the box turns blue when the device is on.

The inputs.

The outputs, notice that they are a mirror image of the inputs.

USB to computer, what is nice is that they didn?t use a proprietary connector, so you can use any printer USB cable if you lose yours. The USB cable provided is pretty long though.

The software provided is DMCap(Diamond Multimedia Capture) and it is very versatile and not buggy. They have since added a downloadable version to their site, as if you are using the GC1000 with an ultrabook, there is a chance you have no DVD-ROM.

With their software you can change the input.

Display ratio is also easy to change.

Setting the save location is also simple and you can control the quality.

You can also control the on screen display (OSD). However I prefer not seeing it.

The software is very feature packed, you can upload directly to YouTube(YuTube) and even transcode the video if you like. However uploading in 1080P HD isn?t hard, and the files aren?t as big as let?s say FRAPs.

Here is a very cool feature. Remember when I mentioned I had a TV capture card? Well this baby can also set a schedule to record, and it has a schedule list (not shown). That means you can hook this up to your TV box and then capture your favorite shows. You can easily make your computer a DVR with this! That is a feature I like very much.

Using the Device:
1. Use it to record game play
2. Use it to record anything on your TV(like a DVR)
3. Use it to record anything from your computer's HDMI output(you have to have an HDMI output from your PC to make this work)
Hooking it up was very simple:
If you have component, HDMI, or S-Video then it is extremely straight forward, however if you have composite, then you need to take a look at the box or manual.

The software gives you a real time view; however it does have a short 1 second delay, so you might want to mute your computer. That also means that you need to use the throughput with HDMI b/c the sound is also carried through the cable.
I found the software very easy to use, it is basic however very feature full, and completes the package.
I uploaded the videos directly to YouTube, many are in HD.
Here are some of the videos:
Here is Mario Cart recorded with composite(This is what the GC100 was meant to do):

Here is me recording the UEFI BIOS of a GIGABYTE board I did a review on. I made an OC guide with extremely high quality HDMI recording of the UEFI:

Now the GC1000 isn?t meant to record from the PC, but as you have already seen it can record the UEFI, which can only be one with a capture device. Many computer hardware reviewers used to use capture cards on another PC or devices such as this to get screenshots of older BIOSes which didn't allow users to take screenshots.

Now with this PC I set my GPU to output the same video to both DVI and HDMI, and thus the GC100 records anything HDMI, so I was able to record me playing Battlefield Bad Company 2:

You will notice there is no sound, that is because HDMI will become a sound output(I also didn't use the GC1000's throughput because my monitor isn't HDMI otherwise i would have had sound), and the PC can only give output to HDMI or your on-board sound codec for your PC, so you have to choose with the PC, and thus that is one reason this device isn?t meant for PC. Of course you can send the sound to HDMI and then just play mute, or if you have a composite output of your PC then you can record that, or if your monitor uses HDMI then you are in luck because you can use it just like as if it was a TV.

All in all this device works very well, all the video I recorded was saved very quickly in real-time onto my PC, and the quality is very high. You can see from my BFBC2 video how 1080P looks, it is very crisp, and the only issue is YouTube and your internet connection being able to keep up! This device went past my expectations when it came to features, I had no idea it is able to record on a scheduler, and that makes it a very handy tool to have around the house. For a hardware reviewer like me I find ways to get the most use out of my samples, and being able to record the UEFI is a really cool thing for me, and in my opinion something every reviewer should have. An example could be for GPU reviews where it could be useful to capture issues with GPU playback like stuttering.


The system is very easy to use; however there are/were two issues. The first was that there was no download of their software on their site, however they have since added the software to their site, so that is now a none issue. The second is that they don't provide an HDMI cable while they do provide all the others. I think most users will be recording with HDMI/1080P as that is what sets the GC1000 apart from lower models, so it would be nice to get one in the package as you will need two for pass through. However in the end it isn't a design issue, just something to keep in mind when purchasing it, so be sure to purchase an HDMI cable if you need too. The GC1000 is a really great device, at $129.99 it is a bit pricey, but 1080P recorders with HDMI and all the other inputs aren't very cheap. This is an excellent option if you need HDMI, such as a need to record gameplay from an XBOX 360. It was very easy to use and worked very well. The recording quality is great and the software is complete. If you are in the market then the Diamond Multimedia GC1000 is a great option. Remember it can record anything on your TV/PC as long as your media device has one of the following: HDMI, Component, S-Video, or Composite.
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Samsung 128GB M.2 PCI-E 4x SSD Apotop 256GB SSD 1.82TB NAS Noctua NH-D15 with both fans 
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