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16Gb of RAM is what I consider enough to perform to the highest standard that I need without being excessive.

It will be how much RAM I may need in my newer system down the track and I got offered it with my deal on the CPU/GPU/MOBO.

Also, what is the difference between 2x8Gb as opposed to 4x4Gb, I was under the impression that if you spread it out across multiple channels you put less stress on the memory controller which makes for a more stable RAM Setup. Also, if a stick dies I dont lose so much RAM because of that.

Also, from my research there is an extremely minimal difference in performance between 1333Mhz and 1600Mhz RAM, not sure what you think, but apparently from what I have read it will not make a difference to me.

Also, to run 1080p I would need a good monitor, but as I have outlined in the thread, this computer is just an intermediate until I upgrade and when the time comes I will just give the parts I dont put in my new PC to my friend. Those parts are: CPU, Mobo and GPU, so I will be moving up considerably in GFX later in the year. From what I can tell teh 5770 should do me for the games I like/have .

Once again, the reason for most of these was cost. I got offered them as a good deal. I live in Australia and so I cannot buy from Newegg, microcenter and the likes. PC Part prices in Aus are ridiculously more expensive than in the US and elsewhere.
You said I can get a better deal on RAM if I shop around, but in Aus and on websites that ship to aus, you are looking at 80 dollars for about 8Gb single or dual channel so I think that 100 for 16 is wuite a good deal.

Thanks for the feedback though.

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The 965 is outdated and consumes more power for less real-world performance than modern platforms. This is better for the price:


The A10's CPU cores perform the same as an FX-4300, which generally performs the same as or outperforms Phenom II x4s. Socket Fm2 also has better upgrade capability, with drop-in placement to Richland APU coming within months and next-gen Kaveri APU with Steamroller cores and HSA later this year.

EDIT: Okay, realized that your $200 mobo also includes the GPU in which case it is a good deal. But, see my RAM recommendation below for a better-priced (and better) option.

4 DIMMs or 2 DIMMs really doesn't make much of a difference when either memory controller of the 965 or whatever you get can take 4 DIMMs at 1600 with no stability issue. Just get whichever has a better value. What should be key is that you can get 16GB of DDR3-1600 for less price than your current option of 16GB of DDR3-1333 and you should go for it as 1600 is a big jump over 1333 in terms of memory binning and overclock flexibility.

EDIT: In Aus, I understand then. With both the mobo of choice and RAM of choice however you will not have good overclocking flexibility due to lack of flexibility in generic RAM and VRM cooling.
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