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Evga 132-yw-e179-ftw settings for oc.

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Hello. Im trying to oc my q9550 and is stable at 3.72Ghz @1.376vcore.

Any who cares to explain to me what the difrent stuff are? cpu n/2 ratio?
And what about cpu fsb voltage? This is connected to the fsb for the cpu, right? How high can I take it safely? 1.4? Normal is 1.1 i belive, and now im running at 1.175.

Any who has had this card, please help me along understanding this mb. ;-)

Ano who have any idea why raising cpu speed from 3.5Ghz to 3.8Ghz gives me quite a boost in fps in for.eks Bf3. My gpu is gtx 460 768Mb so I was supprised that it gave more fps just by going up alittle on the cpu. I was supprised that it ran bf3 whit Ultra texture,medium on the rest and 4msaa. "Very" stable fps around 60 going down to 50/45 in the most demanding situations, but when it go down it goes slowly so I dont notice any lagging becasue of it. Who would have thought an gtx 460 whit 768mb would perform like that :-) When I used an phenom b50 i had lower fps, whit all medium and only 2msaa. And then it sometimes dropped fast making the game lagg. Anoying actually that intel would perform that mutch better, the phenom did apparently doesnt manage to pull all out of the gtx 460. Now im curious when it will stopp, so I need to figure this oc out,hehe
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i also have this mobo with a QX9650 and 8Gb of gskill ripjaw x and i want to kjnow how best to push this cpu/mobo to greater levels so i can get more use out of my GTX 690. I know this card is wont get the best out of this setup, but its all i have to work with untill i can upgrade and i still will use this rig without the GTX690 When I get another rig. any info will be great thx
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