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Edit: I found the problem myself. Finally.

One of my SSD's (Torqx 64) was the cause of the calamity. It seems that any time data was being written to it, the whole system was suffering for some reason. I've since done a clean install of windows, since it's about time, and I have upgraded the firmware of the SSD and that seems to have entirely fixed the issue.

These first generation SSD's are an absolute pain in the ass to keep running.

Good Afternoon.

I have recently encountered an issue with my computer where when I am downloading a large file or assortment of files (Usually a patch to a game, or an entire client in some cases) that the system will become relatively unstable. The CPU will randomly spike constantly while the download is taking place, my sound will cut in and out (and in some cases go off entirely for a period of time), and the download itself that seems to be the initiating factor will eventually slow down to a hault before eventually starting itself up again.

This started taking place a couple days ago when I was downloading a new game through Steam, but now takes place regardless if it's steam doing the downloading or not.

For instance I went to re-install Guild Wars II just now, and the entire computer just went bonkers until I closed the client. Same thing happened when I had to download a new patch for "Path of Exile" yesterday.

I have attached a picture of how awful my CPU gets when a download is started, as well as my current DXDIAG information. DxDiag.txt 58k .txt file

Thank you for any help you may be able to provide, as this is going beyond my experience to figure out.

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