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Originally Posted by Skylit View Post

Shouldn't be an issue unless you're picky bout having native values.
I'd like the aiming of my mouse to be as much of my fault as possible, so I'd like to mitigate any external issues.

Will having native values be beneficial to precision?

Thanks for the information. smile.gif
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OK, I feel the need to rant. I officially hate G100S. mad.gif

And I seriously want to punch everyone who claims it's the same shape and size as MX300/G1. Yeah, I know, I already ranted about it. But just bear with me for a moment. biggrin.gif

Now, I'm not sure if I'm going insane, is it coating of G100S to blame or what... because G100S and MX300/G1 look the same. At first it even feels like they are exactly the same size. And then the cramps start. Horrible, painful cramps in my hand after 1-2 hours of playing. And mouse feels like it will slip from my hand all the time so I grip it more tightly... which brings more cramps. Arrrrgggghhhh! mad.gif That never happens with MX300 or G1 (matte or glossy).

I don't mind kinda squishy buttons (they feel awesome after that annoying stiffness of Kana's and FK's buttons biggrin.gif) or plastic cable and sensor is great... but I cannot use the damn thing.

Oh, well. Back to G1. No matter how many mice I try I always end up with G1 in the end. sleepysmiley03.gif
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Are the drivers necessary for improving tracking or anything? Just bought one online and I prefer to be plug and play if possible. I don't mind going from 400 to 800 dpi either
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