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Originally I had an NV55S03u with an A4-3300M. I replaced it with an A8-3500M but the heatsink wasn't up to the stock voltages I had. Using K10stat I was able to achieve the following:

Prime95 with 10 minute fft's and 90% of ram tested

1.5 @ 0.9125 @ 62C max
1.9 @ 1.000 @ 70c max

I may test more but the limit for testing is 12 hour intervals with 10 minute ffts so it can run through 1 complete cycle. It would be somewhat insane of me to test all p-states so for my purposes I plan to use the 0.9125 for battery saving and 1.000 for the overclock.

I'm interested on anyone else that's tested appropriately and what your voltages run at. Alright bye

PS I found a post by mr w00tnezz that has core voltages exactly matching what I'm getting so will use that/test it.
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