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these aquapro's aint gonna cut it , you'll need more as that puny 550 (i think it are jingways btw) unless you run almost "flat" with little restriction.
I guess the "best" pump for this woudl probably be the eheim compact 600 or 1000 - should be able to find those anywhere
Submersible, runs off the mains (230v) , the 600 likes a 13mm hose on pressure side and has a bit over 1m head and the 1000 likes a 17mm hose and has about 2m head

you might need to rethink the evap part, those T & L aren't helping, best would be if you replicate the "design" of the tranny cooler, using rounded elbows (45 x2)

tip:pvc electrical conduit might actually be your best bet for that
it comes in the right sizes smile.gif
For the evap side, if you'ld use the eheim 1000, you could use a short run of "standard" aquarium hose with 16mm ID; use the 16mm ID electrical conduit and you just have to slip (force) the hose over the pipe; no need for elaborate barbs and such.

Now, for the PC side closed loop, you gonna need something with a bit more oomph to overcome the block & barb & tubelength restrictions - the standard DDC or D5 is recommended smile.gif as the eheim compacs are a bit "light" in that area.

good luck and keep going
(remember pix !)
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