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been running it for 2 weeks or more now. Very nice.

But if you run an Nvidia card. You will have to sacrifice an entire CPU thread for the GPU process to run. ATI, does not suffer from this drawback. the high CPU usage also applies to Nvidia in windows. So, If you were to flash the bios of an nvidia card, and run it native Linux, You were come close breaking even with the increase in SMP performance.

Edit, I have also made a separate thread for a custom Folding conky for ubuntu/Debian Linux.

Can be found here

And what mine looks like. Includes an accurate individual Work unit progress monitor. Of course all of the colors and details can be tailored to fit anyone's needs. The Python script only works for Python 2.7+


Very nice.  I saw your other thread, I'll have to try out your conky config if I get a GPU worth folding in Linux.  Right now all I've got is a 560ti, and it's not really worth folding on, 210+ watts, for ~30k PPD, no thanks.