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project ARC

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Project ARC

Objective: Build project by using only ready products from EKWB


Description: Create a simple, aesthetic and efficient project.

What i used:


1. EK Water Blocks EK-Supremacy - Full Nickel
2. EK-FC 570/580 DCII - Acetal+EN (Nickel) with Backplate
3. EK Water Blocks EK-CoolStream RAD XT 240
3. EK Water Blocks EK-CoolStream RAD XTC 280
4. EK Water Blocks EK-RAM Dominator X4 - Acetal+Nickel CSQ
5. EK Water Blocks EK-FB ASUS Max4 Extreme - Acetal+EN (Nickel)
6. EK Water Blocks EK-DDC X-RES 100 CSQ - Acetal
7. EK Water Blocks fittings 12/16 G1/4 black
8. EK Water Blocks fittings CSQ 45 degree
9. EK Water Blocks fittings CSQ 90 degree
10. EK-RAM Dominator Module - Black
11. EK Water Blocks EK-UNI Holder 50/70
12. EK Water Blocks EK-UNI Holder D5
13. EK Water Blocks EK-UNI Holder DDC ADD-ON

Other parts:

1. Tygon 3603 11.1/15.9mm
2. Aqua-Computer Red liquid
3. Corsair AF 120mm oraz 140mm fans
4. Aquaero 5 XT


1. Preparation of the case, the removal of the HDD cages. This procedure was designed to make room for 2x140mm radiator that fits to the front. While to the top 2x120mm radiator was mounted.


2.Completing parts



3.Here we go ... arming hardware in blocks.










EK Robo in da house icon_smile3.gif


4. Time for radiators





5. Tubes and we can fire off. Of course with ANTI-leak system smile.gificon_smile3.gif



6. Final.... ARC













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Finally. You should post it on LTT forums and it will get featured. smile.gif
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Fantastic work man.
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