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My friend just upgraded from the Evga P67 to the Z75. He also has the Evga Cpu cooler. He installed everything and when he turns power on it works for a few seconds then turns off. Now to me that sounds like a short. But he has tried everything and nothing seems to work. He he lays the cooler on the motherboard without screwing it down it works fine. But as soon as he screws it in even a little bit it shorts out. He has installed the motherboard properly with spaces etc. If he puts that cooler back on the P67 board it works fine. The other thing is, I gave him this motherboard for Christmas. This is the first time he has had time to install it so it was never registered with Evga. Its only like 4 months old. Can he still send it in as an RMA? I have the original receipt from Tiger Direct where I bought it. Any ideas would be great!