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one world sell your 570 and go with a good version of the hd 7950 like WF3(i have one in my current pc ) oc the hell of it (they up to 1200-1250 easily @1225-1266 mv plus the memory to 1500 1800 range then u have a beast gpu even an oc gtx 680 can't beat it in allot of games ) smile.gif plus the average consumption of an oc hd 7950 is like 200 190 210w lower than any gtx 570 @ 800 mhz range with 1.60/1.80-2x performance of that gtx 570 trust me ( i build pc gamer from a long time to my client and my friends so i know what I'm speaking about ) and for the things to wait hd 8xxx ore gtx 7xx i ll say that they ll not be a huge performance over this generation and also a hd 7950 at 1250/1800 is a monster in every game out there even the most demanding games like crysis 3 farcry 3 (tomb raider is an exception with that ssao biggrin.gif ) u can play them at 1080p + max out + 4xmsaa for farcry3 or 4 smaa crysis 3 with an average of 30 40 fps smile.gif so yeah the hd 7950 is the best gpu for money when oc + 3gb of vram to help u play games with the most beauty texture at 1080p tongue.gif