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Zotac GTX Titan Black Edition

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After we killed and resurrected a GTX Titan last week, we had the opportunity to exchange to a brand new a little better.
The previous Titan, which gave us excellent results, was able to reach only 1175/1710 MHz (GPU / RAM) on your original stock aircooling, and this new, reached about 1211/1736 MHz (GPU / RAM), which gives us a greater hope for better scores.
Once the videocard arrived, we began immediately to work in that, and study the strategy to be used for mods.
There were many hours of work and lots of issues.
Due to welding the videocard being inclined position, often fall drops by welding, hard to be removed, also, we had problems with broken capacitors, signal loss and tiredness for being for hours and hours working on something new.
Since we decided put the zoombie inclined to allow to fit another videocard, to work this way was much difficult and greater risk.
For this reason, we decided to protect the card with liquid tape, and its the reason we called "Black Edition" (because remnants of solder and wires soldered, cause a high risk of short circuiting whn drop in the card).
The result could not have been more rewarding for us.
With only a few hours and a few liters of liquid nitrogen, we got 2 world records (Unigine Heaven and 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme).
I would credit 50% to my teammate and my close friends schenckel bros.
We hardmoded, prepared, insulated, worried, insulated, benched and celabrated together, and therefore he deserves to be with me in this hour of happiness.
Also wanted to thank Corsair for believing in my work and Zotac to gave me this gift.
Zotac believed in me to do my best, and sure, don't mind I zombiefied the card

World Global Record 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme and Unigine Heaven

Best wishes from Brazil.
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Haha you're the man bro!
Takes guts and knowledge to dissect a thousand-dollar piece like that thumb.gif
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Thanks mate!
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