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I have the Antec 900. Someone else put my computer together 3 years ago; now I'm updating some components and adding an h100i cooler for the cpu.

Someone else has done this...

It looks like the h100i's fans PUSH air across the radiator, correct?
The front of the 900 has space for 2 120mm fans, which if they're not already, I can set to pull.
So the 2 front fans will blow out of the case, if they don't do so already.

The top 200mm fan definitely blows out of the case.

The little rear 120mm fan definitely blows out of the case.

The power supply fan blades seem shaped to suck air into the unit-- if so, it seems it blows out the back: sucking air, again, out of the case.

The side panel has room for a 120mm fan, but the space is unoccupied.

At the low pressures generated by these low-speed little plastic fans, we're not talking lots of buildup.
But still, with everything blowing out of the case, will the negative pressure actually hold back the airflow, to be slower than it could have been?
The only place air can come in is the side panel with its sectional screen. And for air to blow out, air has to come in somewhere.

What I'm getting at is, where the 120mm fan goes in the side, would it be sensible to put a fan blowing INto the case?
Or even reorient the rear 120mm fan, to also blow into the case?
That would establish better crossflow, in with the aid of 2 fans, out with the aid of... well, 4 fans including the giant 200mm.

By the way, what is the reason for having side panels? Isn't more airflow better, the more open the better-- why not just leave that side panel right off? (unless, simply to keep out pets from chewing on things: or rodents, not implausibly.