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I've recently had some BSOD issues with this computer, which I think I have finally nailed down to a faulty graphics card.

In the process I updated the BIOS to the latest version, 3602, after reading it promised greater stabilty.

The problem I now have is when trying to overclock the Intel I7-2600k CPU.

I have the following settings in the AI tweaker section of the BIOS -

Ai Overclock Tuner : Manual
BLCK/PCIE Frequency : 100.0
Turbo Ratio : By All Cores (Can Adjust In OS)
By All Cores (Can Adjust In OS) : 43
Internal PLL Overvoltage : Auto
Memory Frequency : DDR3-2133MHz
EPU Power Saving Mode : Disabled

At this point in time all other settings are by default settings.

This, I believe, should give a modest overclock to 4.3GHz. I have above standard air cooling so the CPU should be able to handle the OC, or possibly better.

The problem I have is after booting into Windows Vista, any Windows programs such as CPUID, CPU-Z, Real Temp 3.7, all show the standard multiplier of 34 instead of the new 43 I hoped for.

Any advice welcome.

Cheers, Graham McAllister - Wauchope, Australia

PC Specs:

Intel I7-2600K @ 4.7 GHz
Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO cooler
Asus P8P67 Pro
G.Skill Ripjaws-X 8GB PC3 17000 (DDR3-2133) XLD 9-11-9-28
EVGA 570HD, 3 x 24" 1920 x 1200
500Gb HDD
Windows Vista 64+ SP2