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Hey OCN.

I am a starcraft 2 player, thus looking for red switches, thus looking for ze keyboard dat allows for ze best play, apm and ze least pain in ze fingers.

I have expiernece KBT race, 75% red switch keyboard.

I have experienced Keycool 75% red switch keyboard.

I have experienced Corsair Vengeance k90 keyboard.

For some reason, I feel the buttons on k90 (therefore k95), are much better than the other red-switch keyboards. It might be the aluminium layer, It might be the low-weight keycaps, it might be the structure, but overall the kayboard deliviers a "cherry mx blue" like feeling while still feeling slightly lightier than the other keyboards with cherry mx red switches.

I am curious:

Do anyone of you know what might cause this? am I a placebo lunatic?
Do you think other keyboards might feel similar to k95/k90? Especially 75%?

The reason I am interested in K95 is because the F1-F5 buttons are relatively close, just like the 75% keyboards, but the additional macro keys can be allowed in any SC2 tournament for good use, if not better than the 75% keyboards. And of course, the k95 is FINALLY fully mechanical.

Thank you.