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Firefox is alright, but it sure is a memory hog! I usually run my modded minecraft client, filezilla, foobar 2000, xsplit, excel, and firefox. I find that running firefox tends to lag when running minecraft. Although, I do allocate 4 gb to Minecraft, but still I have 4 gb of RAM left over.

The only reason I still use firefox, is because I have my bookmarks/websites synced to my android and I have plugins such as evernote on firefox synced to my Android.

Firefox normally uses far less memory than any other browser (I assume that you aren't running some outdated version ie. before v.20). In fact, in TomsHardware's test of memory usage, FF uses many times less memory than most other browsers. note: I don't really like some of the testing methods THW uses and definitely don't like the method they use for weighting the results as it doesn't account for outliers and non-standardized features that some browsers don't yet have (for example, webGL is not part of the w3c standards and is a security problem, yet the benchmarks for FF and Chrome are held against IE, Safari, and Opera).

That said, have you tried resetting firefox? It keeps the important stuff like bookmarks and saved passwords, but resets everything else. The only thing is that you will need to redownload the extensions you use. After that, check the running plugins and disable most of them (loads of applications install useless, poorly-coded plugins without asking)
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