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First build- strange cooling issues

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Just built my first custom here are the specs;

Mobo- MSI 990xa-GD55
Cpu- AMD FX 8 core 8350 unlocked
Ram- 16GB 1866Hz Patriot Viper 3 (x2 8gb)
Gpu- Gigabyte HD 7970 OC 3GB (x3 fans)
Psu- 1000w OCZ Z series
X4 case fans (one exhaust, three intake)
CPU cooler- *Cooler Master V6 GT* push pull- situated to exhaust out the top vents
Case- Thermaltake MS-i cmdr snow

Now the reason I'm writing this is because I'm having an issue with the CPU fan. I notice when it's on, (even idle) that I get horrible vibrations being sent through the heatsinks. So I tried disconnecting one of the two, and they stop. Making sure it wasn't that particular fan, I switched the disconnected fan with the other one and it stopped again.
I get the following temps when playing crysis 3 very high settings and x4 msa;
Avg 25-30 fps
CPU -45 c
GPU- 58 c

That's with one fan disconnected.
Was wondering;

1) is this dangerous for the rig at these temps and one fan being disconnected?
2) how to stop the rattling?
3) should I invest in another cooler? Liquid?

I'm not OC yet, but maybe in the future, but not by much.

Any advise would be greatly welcome.

Are these bad temps??
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temps look normal. you could have gotten a better cpu cooler for OCing tho. the vibration is abnormal. is it just 1 particular fan? or disconnecting either one of them stops the vibration?

could be a strange harmonic effect with both fans spinning but it's extremely rare to see that. just double check the cooler is secured onto your mobo correctly.
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I made triple sure the fan was secured to the mobo-
And yes- disconnecting either fan stops the vibrations, leading me think its the rare harmonic frequency. I don't know of a better cooler for the price I paid for that one- I was thinking of going h90-100 or something but I don't like the idea/risk of ruining all my components from some bad manufacturing issue (like this one).
If I touch and hold the fan, my body absorbs the freq and stops. If I speed the fan up 100%, it stops- I was told sticky weights strategically placed could help- but I have no idea where "strategic" is for this massive fan.

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