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I have a question: Can SSD produce bad blocks because of power failure ?
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With sudden power cuts, I've experienced wiped partitions multiple times. Just the MBR and Windows reserved partition initially, a full drive wipe the second time. I imagine the caching settings in Windows for the drives might have affected or induced this behaviour. I have not had any damage occur after the initial event and the drive has acted normally afterwards (both a Samsung 840 Pro and past Vertex 2).

I can imagine bad blocks being present after the initial power failure and these should be detected by a full chkdsk run. If they're occurring after the chkdsk run, some simple things such as securing or switching out power and SATA cables can be an easy fix at times. If it's still occurring then you might want to try isolating the problem further by moving the drive to a different computer/motherboard/power supply and see if it still occurs.

If it continues with alternate hardware or else if it's a serious, recurring problem you could move straight to Samsung support for assistance and potential RMA though I'd strongly recommend making sure it's the drive itself at fault. Nothing's impossible though and it could have been damaged in a way this is happening I believe, yes, though my experience suggests it unlikely.
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I have never lost a drive or array from sudden power loss, and where i live we get quite a few of them.

That has been with many oem's over the past several years.
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Thanks guys
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